Cursed treasure walkthrough

cursed treasure walkthrough

Kongregate Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! TACTICS!!! I would really thanks an image walkthrough for level 14 Mar 25, 8. The towers themselves come in three basic types – Dens, Crypts, and Temples. Each can only be built on the corresponding conveniently color-coded terrain. Cursed Treasure Lösung (Walkthrough). Ein Cursed Treasure Walkthrough Video mit Lösungen, Tipps und Tricks um schwierige Level zu bestehen. It adds the "Corpse Bomb 20" ability which, if the Beholder's Temple" kills an enemy, causes the enemy to explode doing 20 damage to nearby enemies. Your Favorite Games edit add. Unfortunately, at only fifteen stages, Cursed Treasure feels pretty short, and it's over all too soon; once you've sunk enough upgrade points into certain spells and abilities, you're more than ready to mow down all comers. This is intended to get you to diversify your towers. Jul 1, 9: I never used ballistas, and I put crit hit dens on high points only if I felt I had enough crypts already and a fire temple wasn't viable at that spot. cursed treasure walkthrough I usually go with rainbow unicorn dens at high ground, if you get kostenlos to orcish den with the critical hit and shooting fast as the northern wind they're great. Granted I attempted level 14 at least 5 times. Cursed treasure walkthrough wasn't expecting much from Cursed Treasure other than a decent defense title. Otherwise my preference is for Orcish Dens. Trouble protecting your gems? It also seems a little unfair that the ranks of your enemies are forever swelling with new types and abilities, but you've got everything you're ever going to have from the get-go.

Cursed treasure walkthrough Video

Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Walkthrough - Level 1 Brilliant As everybody else pointed out, the hp boss ninja at the end of level 14 officially makes that the hardest level to get a brilliant medal on. Be the Racer — Earn Your Chance to Win a PS3 and a F1: Spells cost mana to cast. The Gem Craft series had it, and so, it would seem, does Cursed Treasure. Level 3 Brilliant Walkthrough provided by taior3. Damage , the amount of damage taken by an enemy each time it is hit by a shot from the tower. Then max out the blue tier 5 Mana Generation skill taking other mana skills along the way , then max out red tier 1 Basic Training, followed by the red tier 3 Meteor skills. But when you haven't gone Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! I didn't fully upgrade all the dens and crypts until after wave 40 or so. WTF I was playing the final level on wave 48 and I had 2 gems in home, and one very near and then the game ending saying 'defeat' WTF??? Undead are the second race. You would never do that.

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May 13, 6: The tower i forget which, ballista? Otherwise my preference is for Orcish Dens. At my skill level, even throwing 4 meteors at him is a challenge, so this plan is out the window. The daze from the hellfire ensures that the slowed-down ninja will receive the full brunt of the catapults. You instead plan specifically for the ninjas: Just logically think about what is happening and what you need to happen. Compared to Desktop tower defense and gemcraft, the strategy is a lot less deep. I must say that this game is anything but short. This will give your towers near the gems a chance to gain exp so they can be upgraded higher than usual. Company About Us Our Team Contact Us Contributors. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a fifth way.